Digital transformations in agro-industrial complex

Land farmers of Kazakhstan are applying digital technologies in agro-industrial complex. A pilot project titled "Innovative Agro-Park for the Implementation of Precision Farming" was presented in Almaty region. An automated combine harvester was demonstrated as part of the project. The grain harvester is a fully integrated vehicle that can operate automatically without drivers’ involvement.

The machine is equipped with a system of scanners that delivers information to the special monitors in the cab. There is also a possibility of uploading information about the field to the on-board computer, such as area, slope, type of ground and the presence of foreign objects.


The machine can harvest the entire field autonomously and subsequently create the yield map so that the farmers could see the field. They will also see the conditions of certain plants that the machine harvests and perform an analysis in order to make appropriate decisions for the crops of the next year.

According to experts, the machines have demonstrated good performance in all regions of Kazakhstan. The mobility and flexibility of their settings allows the harvester to adapt well to many types of crops. There are currently about 850 ‘smart’ harvesters on the fields of Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, at the Kaskelen test farm, scientists from various countries presented the modern researches and developments of mineral fertilizers improving the yield.


 - The quality of the products allows us reaching a higher level. The productivity and products’ output growth range from 10 to 25 per cent.

According to experts, the projects under implementation in the agro-park will allow the businesses to use the best international practices without additional costs. The costs for the transfer, adaptation of the effective solutions in the agro-industrial complex are covered by the Government.