Sacral geography of Kazakhstan

Sacral geography of Kazakhstan

The ‘Sacral Map of Kazakhstan’ national project now includes six additional historical facilities of the West Kazakhstan region. Among them is the medieval Zhaiyk settlement which is located 12 kilometers away from Uralsk. The settlement dates back to the 13th-15th centuries, to the era of the Golden Horde. As a result of recent excavations, scientists also discovered that the city was once located on one of the routes of the Great Silk Road. Caravans moving along the road connected the cities and people, cultural and diplomatic ties as well as developed trade.


- We do not doubt that there was an ancient cultural civilization here during the era of the Kazakh Khanate. We are very impressed with what we found.

The Zhaiyk ancient settlement was also included in the list of 100 holy places of Kazakhstan. Artifacts are of historical value not only for the local Kazakhs, but also for the whole world. The settlement was once an important trade, cultural and political center. Baths, mosques, mausoleums and houses made of bricks as well as baking ovens were discovered during the excavations. After restoration, an open-air museum will be created here.


 - We have an idea of holding a historical ethnic festival at the Zhaiyk ancient settlement of the middle ages and the site of the Golden Horde. We are planning to invite guests from neighboring countries to this festival. We want to demonstrate our national arts and equestrian sports to them.

In the future, scientists are planning to explore the settlement at the same level as the fortifications of Syganak, Saraishik and Koilyk. All the structures of the medieval fortification will be reconstructed. According to historians, the Zhaiyk river area should become a cultural and historical resort and tourism zone. In addition, the historical sites here may be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.