‘Literary east’ project

An educational project, Literary East has been launched in Kazakhstan as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. It brought together over 2,000 winners and awardees of various Olympiads and competitions. As part of the educational tour, the students traveled to the homeland of the great philosopher and thinker, Abai Kunanbayev. They visited a house in East Kazakhstan region where the founder of Kazakh literature lived and worked.


- We understood that the main idea of this trip is to multiply the intellectual wealth and revive the sense of patriotism. The young generation will learn how to be fair and find the right path.

Over 38,000 students competed in the contest held as part of the Literary East project. In order to be part of the exciting tour to the historic sites of the region, the children had to show excellent results in writing dictations and compositions.


- This project is held as part of the president’s Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. It gives the children a good impetus for learning literary works of Eastern Kazakhstan’s writers.

The route of the educational tour covers the city of Semey, as well as Abai and Shemonaikha districts. In three days, the students visited Abai and Shakarim Mausoleum Complex in Zhidebay and Enlik-Kebek Monument. They also learned the works of Mukhtar Auezov and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.