‘100 new faces of Kazakhstan’ project: Nurzhan Zholdybalinov

Winner of the "100 New Faces of Kazakhstan" project, Nurzhan Zholdybalinov combined innovative technologies and librarianship. He is one of creators of the National Digital Library and developer of the Single Catalog of Kazakhstan’s libraries. His main goal is to upload the contents of traditional paper books into digital format.


 - Today, in the age of modern technologies, e-books have come to help paper books. For example, only one reader can read a paper book. If this book is transferred into a digital version, then millions of people can read the book not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

Reading rooms of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan can cater up to 500 visitors. The library has nearly two million printed books, of which 42, 000 of the books are already translated into digital format by Nurzhan. All of the books were written and published in Kazakhstan or at least has Kazakhstan mentioned in it. Nurzhan plans to upload all the digital format of books in the country into a single website by 2020. The digitalization project is part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.  


 - According to the number of orders and visitors of our library, we can say that books have been in great demand recently. The number of readers has been increased. For example, nearly 120 people visit the library on weekdays whereas on the weekends there are up to 200 people visiting the library. Approximately 700 copies of books are ordered daily.

Nurzhan is also working on another project, which is developing a ticket for readers. The innovation will allow readers to use the services of libraries in any region of Kazakhstan, regardless of the reader’s location. The ticket number will be identified by his or her Individual Identification Number (IIN). The software is available for integration with other systems.