Kazakh President’s 5 social initiatives: Gas supply

14 out of 20 districts of Almaty region were provided with natural gas under the initiative of gas infrastructure development introduced by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Meanwhile, the construction of the Taldykorgan-Usharal main gas pipeline will begin earlier than initially planned. The design specifications and cost estimates for the project is currently being discussed. The construction of the gas infrastructure is targeted to be completed by 2020.


- Originally, we were planning to provide gas supply to 473 out of 741 localities in Almaty region. We didn’t include Kegen and Narynkol villages. Presently, we will come up with the design documentation to provide gas supply there. We will start developing the design specifications and estimates this year and construction works will begin next year.

A gas distribution plant will be opened in 2020 near Zhezkazgan after the completion of the “Saryarka” main gas pipeline construction along the Karaozek-Zhezkazgan-Karaganda-Temirtau-Astana route. Three gas distribution plants will be constructed in the region. At the same time, specialists in Zhezkazgan began developing technical maps of the city gas network.  


- We will give priority in providing gas supply to areas such as private residencies and districts where the lack of gas supply is critical, such as Bekbolatsay, Kostangeldy districts, Geologiya village, the railway station area, as well as the 91st and 95th blocks.

The 820km of the Saryarka gas pipeline will pass through the Karaganda region. Gas supply is planned to be provided in 120 villages and five cities in the area. Specialists are currently developing the mechanism to implement the project. According to experts, the priority of the project is to supply uninterrupted gas to consumers and ensure the safe operation of the gas supply systems.