Projects of modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity in Kyzylorda region

Nearly 80 projects will be implemented in the new Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity center in the Kyzylorda region. 22 billion tenge of sponsorship funds will be allocated for the implementation of these projects. Last year, about 80 projects were also implemented. Currently, work is underway to include 12 historical sites of the region into UNESCO World Heritage List.


 - NGOs, youth, volunteers, mothers' society and veterans' council took part in the activities as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Last year, 1,136 events were held. All of them are aimed at spiritual education of the younger generation.

The Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program has become a powerful incentive to study the region and develop its tourism industry. 12 unique monuments of the Aral Sea area were included in the map of holy places of Kazakhstan. Another 35 monuments were included in the regional map of holy places. A 3D map of historical and cultural monuments will be developed based on the results of archaeological excavations.


 - Last year, more than 15,000 tourists visited the Korkyt Ata memorial complex. The Kazakh history and culture is increasingly attracting tourists to these places. In addition, the passage of the Great Silk Road through the territory of the transit corridor, "Western Europe - Western China" is favorable for the development of tourism.

According to the region’s governor, the various projects are a new impetus for tourism development in the region, including space development.


 - During the visit of the minister of the United Arab Emirates to the region along with three delegations, their businessmen are interested in nearly three large complexes out of 20. Using our complexes, they plan to place satellites manufactured in the countries of the Persian Gulf into orbit. They are ready to invest. They also showed their interest in the construction of service centers and restaurants for development of tourism.

Thanks to the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program in the region, the work of musical groups was revived and the re-establishment of councils of elders is planned. As part of the program, expert councils and centers for studying moods, needs and expectations of the population have been created.