Scientist Alexander Podolskikh has developed an effective method of crossing rice varieties

Scientist Alexander Podolskikh has developed an effective method of crossing rice varieties. The breeder from Kyzylorda is passionate about rice growing and is tremendously dedicated to his occupation. He is the author of over 150 research works and patents for the development of new rice breeding methods. The scientist of the Kazakh Rice Research Institute has become one of the winners of the “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” project. In his development, the innovator applied modern methods allowing improving effectiveness of the breeding process tenfold.  


 - Scientists’ work is difficult. Thanks to such qualities as patience and perseverance, Alexander Podolskikh managed to achieve results and produce new rice varieties. He made a significant contribution to the development of science in Kazakhstan. 

Alexander Podolskikh and his colleagues have produced rice varieties such as “Ak Marzhan”, “Aral” and “Aisaule.” In the recent years, the scientist improved the qualities of the “Syr Sulu” variety.


 - We are currently placing the main focus on the quality and the improvement of the yielding capacity, because it is presently highly evaluated. We can have 100 centners per hectare, but if a variety has poor seeds then the yielding capacity is forty percent and in the end the crop will be forty centners. If we take a variety that yields at least seventy centners, less than a hundred, and the yielding capacity is over sixty per cent, then the crop will be over fifty centners per hectare. 

Kazakh agrarians highly appreciated the advantages of a number of new high yielding rice varieties adapted to the local environment.