Arman Nurmukhanbetov

Arman Nurmukhanbetov

Arman Nurmukhanbetov is a professional promoter of the culture of the Great Steppe. With this mission, since 1999, he has written articles, scripts, books, poems and songs on the topic of steppe nomads. He also makes videos, films and TV shows about it, organizes various meetings and actions, and develops steppe-style clothes and so on.

Arman took part in the museumification of the Issyk burial ground (Golden Man mound), is a co-founder of the historical and cultural society “Dalaruh” (Almaty), as well as the creator of the international movement of new Nomads “Neonomad”. Together with the authoritative Kazakh Turkologist Edyge Tursunov is the author of the book “Divine. The Power of the spirit of the Great Steppe”, dedicated to the steppe spiritual system. In 2015, Arman, together with other enthusiasts, introduced a new holiday – the day of the Kazakh National clothes.

In addition to his constant participation in many TV Programs as a guest expert, Arman independently shot a short musical history film called “Song of Chirac”, in which he was a director, scriptwriter and a performer of the role of Zhyrau. As a director and scriptwriter, he also shot a series of commercials about the benefits of sports, including national sports. He was the leading author of the TV Program “ARMAN” on the portal, a co-host in the documentary film “The Sage from the family of Saks.”

Since 2017, Arman has been the host of “The treasures of the Nation” on Kazakh TV, which has been recognized by the National “Tumar” TV Award as the best educational program.