Yerlan Akchalov

Yerlan Akchalov

Yerlan Akchalov is an anchor of Central Asian Civilizations.

Yerlan has worked at International Television and Broadcasting Company MIR in Moscow, where he produced TV programs for RTR.

He also wrote scripts and hosted such programs as: “Youth Thursday” (“Molodyozhny Chetverg”), “At This Time of Night” (“Na Noch Glyadya”), “Asia” TV magazine, “Together with Yerlan Akchalov”, “4 Republic Square”, “MIR in Kazakhstan”, “Together” (ORT), “Muslims” (RTR), “Better Be Healthy”, “Own Opinion”, “Department of Special Reports Presents”, “Smart Economy”, “In the Footsteps of Einstein”, “Epistolary Kazakhstan”, “Exclusive”, “Martial Arts in Great Steppe”, “Martial Arts in Great Steppe. The Turkic World”.

He is currently a scriptwriter and presenter of “Central Asian Civilizations” on Kazakh TV and “Wisdom of Centuries” on “El Arna” TV.