Arman Umarkhodzhiev

Arman Umarkhodzhiev

Arman Umarkhodzhiev is a well-known archaeologist, traveler, anchor of Ethnosport.

Arman hosted a show "Secret Signs" on chanel Bilim, and participated in a reality show "Special Task. III season" on channel KTK.

He is the author and producer of documentary films "Taraz in the History Flow" and "A Saka Sage"; he is the author of a book "Tarikat of Khoja Nasreddin."

Arman has played episodic roles in feature films like "Kazakh Khanate", "Traveling in Dzungaria" and "Tomiris."

Arman is an expert in public communication, holds a master’s degree in historical sciences. He loves motorcycle touring, Eastern philosophy, vinyl plates and boxing.