Regional Focus. 29.11.2019

- Nursultan Nazarbayev has been elected as Honorary Chairman of the Consultative Meeting of Leaders of Central Asian Countries;

- Kazakhstan heads the Committee of bureau of international expositions;

- Kazakh Government plans to double the inflow of foreign investment into the country;

- The European Union will allocate five million Euros for the investment development in Central Asia;

- The trade value between the Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan amounted to US$530 Million;

- Kazakhstan expands transit potential;

- Representatives of Kazakh industrial enterprises are learning the experience of large South Korean companies;

- Kazakh developer Documentolog enters Russian market;

- Unique micro miniatures as sign of friendship between Kazakhstan and Armenia;

- Programmers from Kazakhstan created an educational mobile game for children in Azerbaijani language;

- The oldest creative inventions of decorations and insulation is being used at Samarkand’s enterprise.