Regional Focus. 02.10.2019

- The Commonwealth of Independent States will join efforts to fight against cybercrimes;

- International Telecommunication Union Forum was held in Bishkek;

- The Kyrgyz Parliament is considering a proposal to introduce a moratorium on hunting rare species of animals;

- Demand for fish from Zaisan Lake is growing every year;

- News in brief;

- NASA astronaut, Shannon Walker has arrived in Kazakhstan;

- An international portable exhibition on the nuclear-free world has been opened in Nur-Sultan;

- The local museum of history in East Kazakhstan region was replenished with new exhibits;

- Kazakhstan and Turkey plan to organize joint scientific conferences dedicated to anniversaries of Al-Farabi and Abai;

- Paris hosted a presentation of two volumes of anthology of Kazakh writing and poetry;

- Shymkent hosted the pre-screening of Kazakh film, Bekzat.