Regional Focus. 23.09.2019

- Kazakh Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mukhtar Tleuberdi took part in the C5+1 High Level meeting in New York;

- Experts: Kazakhstan is very Important for Stability of Region and World;

- Two cotton processing enterprises will be opened in the Osh region in 2020;

- Review on Central Asia;

- News in brief;

- A resident of Uralsk, Kairat Karimov plans to reintroduce West Kazakhstan to its former glory of apple orchard;

- New information on relations between Kazakhs and Chechens;

- Role of Nomads of Great steppe;

- Capital’s Puppet Theatre marks 10th anniversary;

- A famous Kazakh-British pianist Dina Duisen performed a concert titled ‘Byron: Angel and Outcast’.