Regional Focus. 20.09.2019

- Kazakhstan's investment opportunities introduced in Seoul;

- Member of Bundestag highlighted the concept of ‘Listening State’ by President Tokayev;

- News in brief;

- Gasification project in Nur-Sultan is nearing completion;

- Nur-Sultan will host Global Summit on Urban Tourism;

- Pilgrimage tourism is being developed in Uzbekistan;

- The ‘Expert of Abai’s works’ essay competition will take place in Uzbekistan;

- The best college textbooks in the world are made available to students in Oskemen;

- An interactive exhibition ‘Flyway of the Red-Breasted Goose’ was opened in the capital;

- The capital of Kazakhstan hosted an evening dedicated to composer and musician, Gabdylkhak Barlykov;

- Patchwork is experiencing new development.