Regional Focus. 05.09.2019

- State-of-the-Nation Address 2019: Supporting SME;

- Kazakhstan has added green energy on its list of export products;

- The meat export from Kazakhstan will be increased;

- Kymyz produced from cow’s milk in Kazakhstan;

- Kazakhstan has invested more than US$300 million into the economy of Uzbekistan;

- Consulate General of Uzbekistan opened in Aktau;

- OSCE representatives are studying the Kazakhstan model of interethnic harmony;

- The international congress dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abish Kekilbayev will take place in Aktau;

- ‘Parade of Museums’ nationwide campaign;

- Zharkent mosque is popular among tourists;

- Kumarshyk can become another brand which attracts tourists to Atyrau region;

- New art masterpieces decorate streets in Almaty.