Regional Focus. 04.09.2019

- The First Forum of Asian Writers was held in Nur-Sultan;

- UN Security Council acknowledges the importance of Astana Process;

- Organic wheat will be exported to Europe for the first time;

- State-of-the-Nation Address 2019: Supporting SMEs;

- A new asphalt concrete plant has been commissioned in Tajikistan;

- Kyrgyzstan hosted an international conference dedicated to the camel breeding development in Central Asia;

- Scientists are in favor of peaceful atom;

- An association of Kazakhs will be created in Seoul;

- Taikazan, the main exhibit of the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum, was made 620 years ago;

- The Botai State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve has become an archaeological brand

- National Museum hosts ‘Time Travel’ exhibition;

- Stockholm hosted a festival of Kazakh films.