Regional Focus. 03.09.2019

- Experts opinion on State-of-the-Nation Address;

- Second Industrial Park to be opened in Nur-Sultan;

- Production volumes of the machine-building industry will be significantly increased over the next 5 years;

- Central Asian ethno style considered as unique in the fashion world;

- Samarkand hosted an international festival, ‘Melodies of the East’;

- Nur-Sultan will host Forum of Central Asian Writers;

- Books of Kazakh writer included into Fund of Library of Congress in USA;

- Zharkent mosque is popular among tourists;

- Al-Farabi Research, Education and Cultural Center has opened in the capital of India;

- The innovation of felting technique is presented in one of the kindergartens in Almaty;

- An instrumental evening of contrabass was organized in Astana Opera.