Regional Focus. 27.08.2019

- Germany is one of the main economic partners of Kazakhstan;

- Kazakhstan remains as one of the main partners for the United States in Central Asia;

- High-speed telescope launched in Almaty observatory;

- The Sievers apple trees are revived in Almaty region;

- Seven commercial dairy farms will be in Almaty region;

- The first ice cream production is opened in Kyrgyzstan;

- A collection of the works of 80 philosophers from member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be published in Uzbekistan;

- People from the worldwide are being acquainted with Kazakh culture thank to Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program;

- Atyrau Museum of Local History presented wood and leather utensils;

- Ukrainian artist Natalya Mkrtchyan showcases Kazakh customs and traditions in her works;

- Kazakh in Russia is popularizing national culture;

- Kazakh wrestling techniques studied in South Korea.