Regional Focus. 05.08.2019

- Kazakhstan and France agreed to strengthen cooperation;

- The production of dry milk concentrate from camels was established in Turkistan;

- A joint project called ‘Zhas Project’ between the World Bank and the Ministry of Education is being implemented in Kazakhstan;

- Adhesive bandage are being manufactured in Kyrgyzstan;

- The Altyn-Kum festival in Kyrgyzstan is planned to be brought to international level;

- Kolsai Lakes is one of the most picturesque places in Almaty region;

- Kazakhstan traveler Sergey Bondarenko went in 30 countries of the world;

- Preparation for the 175th anniversary of Abai;

- Archeologists discovered a mysterious burial site of the Bronze Age during their research work in Karaganda region;

- An Israeli film ‘Scaffolding’ was premiered in Nur-Sultan;

- Kazakhstan will again take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.