Regional Focus. 22.03.2019

- Kazakh President Qasym-Jomart Toqayev congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on Nauryz;

- The United States Department of State released a statement on Nursultan Nazarbayev’s resignation as President of Kazakhstan;

- Foreign experts on Kazakhstan’s first president’s role;

- Nauryz Celebrated Internationally;

- Traditions Preserved in National Cuisine;

- 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Batyrzhan Smakov;

- Kazakh Notre Dame de Paris to Be Performed in Central Asia;

- Jyrgalan Attracts Thousands of Foreign Tourist;

- Nauryz is celebrated in the public fund Kazakhstani association of Germans titled ‘Wiedergeburt’;

- Exhibition by Kalimov Dynasty Of Artists;

- Kazakh Food Presented at Nauryz Celebration in Baku.