Regional Focus. 09.01.2019

- India is an important market for Kazakhstan;

- Kostanai transport plant to produce 30,000 car per year;

- Kazakhstan’s largest wind farm is being constructed in Aktobe region;

- Smart environment will be implemented in 5 cities of Kazakhstan;

- Ambulance service in Bishkek is connected to the automated system;

- Felting is one of the most ancient inventions of the Eurasian nomads;

- From Cyrillic to Latin script. Developers in Karagandy created an online converter;

- Winter tourism is actively developing in Karagandy region;

- From 2019, residents in Kostanai can make virtual excursions to the holy places;

- Exhibition of the famous artist Alexey Utkin;

- A unique excursion titled ‘Mysteries of behind-the-scenes’ will be launched in Astana Ballet.