Regional Focus. 07.01.2019

- Kazakhs view Belarus as a prospective partner in transport and logistics;

- Cooperation between Kazakhstan and European countries;

- The Republican Research Light Industry Institute was presented in Astana;

- Astana Hub is ready to support developers with leading ideas and modern approaches;

- Interim results of ‘Stimulation of Productive Innovations’ project;

- Hungary is interested in facilitating visa-free travel for citizens of Kazakhstan;

- The ski season is ongoing in Kyrgyzstan;

- Center of Kazakh Culture and Literature has been opened in the National Library in Tashkent;

- The culture of Saka Tribes;

- A book titled ‘Hodja Nasreddin Tells Stories’ was presented in Astana;

- Kazakh-Chinese film ‘Composer’ will be released in the first half of 2019;

- Orthodox Christians around the world are celebrating Christmas.