Regional Focus. 27.12.2018

- Kazakhstan's role on the world’s political map;

- Kazakhstan and Serbia to increase trade by 6 times;

- Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan increased economic cooperation;

- Kazakhstan-made products are in demand abroad;

- A hydroelectric station with the capacity of 18 megawatts in being built in Zhualy district in Zhambyl region;

- A ‘Kazakhstan House’ sign was put on the top of the Kazakh Embassy in the United Kingdom building in London;

- Developers in Karagandy developed an online converter to convert Kazakh texts from Cyrillic to Latin script;

- A book on Alash Orda movement was presented in Baku;

- Uzbekistan’s Kazakh language newspaper ‘Nurly Zhol’ will dedicate one of its issues to the friendship between the two countries;

- The festive Central Asia artisan fair is taking place in Bishkek;

- Sweden’s capital hosted an exhibition of Kazakh national clothes and jewelry titled ‘Visiting the Nomads’;

- Kalybek Kuanyshbayev Theater presented a play to honor the memory of Shamshi Kaldayakov.