Regional Focus. 26.12.2018

- Kazakhstan’s service in UN Security Council was discussed in London;

- AIFC is learning China’s experience;

- International companies are interested in forests in East Kazakhstan region;

- Kazakhstan is consistently improving its investment climate;

- Enriched flour will be produced in Kazakhstan;

- Kazakh and Ukrainian farmers are strengthening partnership;

- Kazakhstan is set to lead Central Asia in the production of high-quality organic vegetables and fruits;

- Kyrgyzstan will introduce civil liability insurance for a driver starting from New Year;

- A national club for historical reconstruction will be created in Kazakhstan;

- Unique findings in the Bolgan Ana Mausoleum;

- Over 250 artists of TURKSOY member countries participated in the gala concert in Turkey;

- Timur Bekmambetov will shoot a film based on Denis Ten’s script.