Regional Focus. 25.12.2018

- Kazakhstan - France: strengthening of cooperation;

- Kazakh automotive industry shows output growth;

- Cheese factory in Zhambyl region will increase export by 40%;

- Kazakh agrarians took part in a pilot project on precision farming;

- Farmers in Almaty region received support to develop eco-friendly businesses such as hot springs;

- ‘Burnoye Solar’ solar power plant will produce up to 150 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year;

- Uzbekistan’s 2019 budget will total more than US$120 million;

- Direct flight between Astana and Dushanbe plays a significant role in the cooperation;

- British bagpipe player Matthew McRae is contributing to the promotion of Kazakh culture in London;

- ‘Kazakh Tutankhamun’ is becoming popular worldwide.