Regional Focus. 24.12.2018

- Kazakhstan is ranked 57th in the 2018 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment;

- A large Chinese state-owned company is set to start operations in the Kazakh automotive industry;

- The shipbuilding industry in Kazakhstan has great potential;

- Kazakh enterprises are boosting exports to China;

- Kazakhstan’s third honorary consulate was opened in France;

- A ‘Kazakhstan House’ sign was put on the top of the Kazakh Embassy in the United Kingdom building in London;

- The equestrian culture originated from the era of modern-day Kazakhstan;

- 'Seven Facets of the Great Steppe’ article was translated into Uzbek;

- A book about art and life of People's Artist of Kazakhstan Aiman Mussakhajayeva has been presented in Bishkek;

- Famous U.S. musician Martin Piecuch is interested to work with Kazakh musicians;

- Museum of local history in Almaty region;

- ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ musical has been staged in Kazakh.