Regional Focus. 21.12.2018

- Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Belarus;

- Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Iran;

- Meeting of the Berlin Eurasian Club was held in Germany;

- The ways of boosting Kazakhstan’s transit capacity

- 4 million tonnes of freight were transported by railroad in Mangystau region in 2018;

- Starting from 2020, Uzbekistan plans to begin a staged introduction of toll roads in all regions;

- Members of the ‘Following the Footsteps of Ancestors’ exhibition have conducted field research in Jordan;

- Kazakh artist Sabur Mambeyev’s exhibition titled ‘The Lifelong Art’ was presented in the Kasteyev Museum of Arts in Almaty;

- Beijing residents have been introduced to artworks of Kazakh masters;

- Prominent Kazakh singer, poet and composer, Yestai Berkimbaiuly was commemorated in Ankara;

- The number of technology parks is increasing in Kazakhstan;

- Swaddling a baby in a Kazakh cradle is a sacred tradition that Kazakhs have appreciated for centuries.