Regional Focus. 07.11.2018

- Kazakhstan is an active participant of many global positive reforms

- An autumn session of international bidding for a selection of renewable energy projects was completed in Kazakhstan

- 8 solar, 6 wind and 3 hydroelectric power plants will be built in Kazakhstan

- 3D Printer: Solid honeycomb panels and vertebral implants in Kazakhstan

- Kyrgyzstan is set to fully cover the domestic market’s demand in sugar

- Felting is one of the most ancient inventions of the Eurasian nomads

- Kazakh literature works were presented in South Korea

- Abai Readings were organized in China

- 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Symbat Abdrakhmanova

- Kazakh students are exploring history as part of a local history expedition in Mangystau region

- Kazakhstan’s National Museum is hosting a photo exhibition featuring Latvian architectural landmarks