Regional Focus. 05.11.2018

- Kazakhstan is a bright evidence of the peaceful coexistence of people of different cultures

- Brussels hosted the 24th meeting of the Berlin Eurasian Club titled ‘A New Silk Road: Kazakhstan as a Logistics and Energy Hub between Europe and Asia’

- Kazakh Government is boosting its support for export-oriented enterprises

- International innovation forum, ‘Digital Bridge.’

- Improving Kazakhstan’s transport infrastructure opens up new prospects for the country

- Ethnic Assembly titled ‘Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Ethno-social Processes and Ethno-cultural Dialogue’

- The first locally-produced bionic prosthetic arm was created in Kyrgyzstan

- Kazakh scientists have found 56 cards with the image of Kazakh Khanate

- Five girls from Kazakhstan won a prize in Silicon Valley

- 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Tatyana Nemtsan and Nurzhan Zholdybalinov

- In the upcoming years, Turkestan will become a centre of tourism