Regional Focus. 24.10.2018

- Kazakhstan is ranked 59th in the Global Competitiveness Index rankings among 140 countries

- President Nazarbayev instructed to allocate an additional 500 billion Tenge to support the manufacturing industry and non-oil exports

- Kazakhstan is increasing the volumes of wheat export

- Water cooperation of central Asian countries

- Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan joined the dual Master’s program of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

- Web portal providing geospatial data will be created in Kazakhstan

- Kazakhstan and Korea are developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the scientific field

- The share of tourism in Kazakhstan’s GDP should increase from two to eight percent in the next 5 years

- Collector and ethnographer Bakhargul Tolegen’s success story

- Eight books have been re-published in Semei to mark the 160th birth anniversary of  Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly