Regional Focus. 18.10.2018

- Kazakhstan and Egypt will open a pharmaceutical park of medicines in Almaty

- Second Investment forum was held in Kostanay

- Member of the Dutch Parliament, Tunahan Kuzu, expressed his agreement with the Kazakh President’s policy

- Kazakhstan’s foreign trade value has increased by 24.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2018

- The Kazakh government is set to boost non-commodity exports and exports of manufactured goods

- Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are set to strengthen cooperation in the educational sector

- Falak is an integral part of Tajikistan’s history

- A new high-speed train will connect the tourist attraction between Almaty and Turkestan

- The digital transformation of Kazakh alphabet to Latin script

- MIPCOM: Khabar Agency's projects

- ‘The Heritage of the Great Steppe: Masterpieces of the Jewelry Art’ exhibition is held in Poland

- Taraz hosted the festival of national dishes