Regional Focus. 27.09.2018

 - As a significant player in the international arena, Kazakhstan has become an initiator and co-author of the Universal Declaration on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World

The Kazakh government is continuing to prioritize the development of the transport infrastructure across the country

- The largest oil exhibition in Central Asia KIOGE 2018 has opened in Almaty

- The gross regional product of Astana reached five billion tenge in 2017

- The European Union is expanding horizons of cooperation with the Asian countries

- Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are establishing favourable tariffs aimed at the development of transit traffic

- Supporting young scientists and fostering research are important elements of the growth of the country's innovative potential

- A new book on the establishment, development and new prospects of the Kazakh-Chinese relations is about to be published

 - A large-scale project titled ‘Focus Kazakhstan’ was presented worldwide

- ‘The Kazakh Mozart’ played Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s personal piano