Regional Focus. 17.09.2018

- In the first eight months, the GDP growth in Kazakhstan was estimated at 3.8%.

- China is one of Kazakhstan’s most important trading partners and holds one of the leading positions in the volume of direct investments in the Kazakh economy

- According to forecasts, by 2030 wind and solar power will generate 50% of electricity in Kazakhstan

- By 2023, the share of tourism in Kazakhstan's GDP is expected to reach 8%. A program for tourism development will be adopted until the end of this year. 

- Tajik archaeologists discovered an ancient settlement in an area 85 kilometres south of Dushanbe.

- Uzbekistan hosted the first international Maqom Art Forum

- The second stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project will be focused on the younger generation

- Third International Reading Congress

- Architectural facilities contribute to the unique design of every city including Almaty

- Artists of Astana Ballet demonstrated their best performances on the stage of the ancient Teatro Nuovo in Milan