Regional Focus. 07.09.2018

Expansion of transit and transport potential

Kazakhstan can extract up to 100 million tonnes of oil per year from under the sea

- Kazakhstan is actively developing its oil refining industry. Specialists believe that it will create demand amongst large airlines.

- Bilateral ties between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are strengthening in many fields including political, economic, trade and others. The volume of trade has reached US$259 million

- The ancient city of Osh is turning into the centre of bread baking.  

- Kazakh designers took part in the ‘Adjara Fashion Week 2018’ in Georgia

- Schoolchildren in Turkestan will have a new textbook on ‘Local Studies.’ 

- Since the opening of the "Kazakhstan Modernization program" museum in Uralsk, more than 6,5 thousand people have visited it. 

- Astana hosted an international poetry event. According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, a collection of all presented poems will be published in a book titled ‘The World Poets about Kazakhstan.’ 

- Kazakhs have won the award of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe.