XXVI session of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the 26th session of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly which is held annually before the celebration of the Unity Day. This year, the main topic of discussion is the president’s five social initiatives and the platform for social unity of society. It is symbolic that the assembly members, scientists, intellectuals and ambassadors of friendship of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly take part in this session. The President also highlighted that the assembly has become a true custodian of peace and harmony in the country, and the five social initiatives are called upon to further strengthen the unity of people in Kazakhstan.  


- It is well known that powerful countries are the countries that are united within the country. All of them are modernized based on the single identity. We also embarked on this path. This is the main idea of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program and the “100 New Faces of Kazakhstan” project in particular. I am convinced that the social unity policy is an important step towards the united consolidated single nation. We initiated five new projects despite challenges and difficulties not because we have too much money and resources, but because we are determined to give the new impetus to improve living conditions for the people of Kazakhstan.