Kazakhstan Marks Day Of People’s Unity

Kazakhstan Marks Day Of People’s Unity

Kazakhstan is marking the People’s Unity Day. This holiday has a special meaning for the people of Kazakhstan. Today, members of 130 ethnic groups live peacefully in the country. A unique model of inter-ethnic and inter-faith harmony is established and is successfully operating here. International experts believe that it has become a basis for Kazakhstan’s political and economic success and the further advancement to the list of the top competitive countries. Today, Kazakh model of inter-ethnic harmony has become an example for many countries.


- I am proud that for 25 years the Vainakh people, together with the other ethnic groups, contribute to the development of our country and participate in all events. We feel very comfortable among members of the other ethnic groups.

Kazakhstan celebrates the People’s Unity Day since 1996. It is a great opportunity for ethnic groups to learn about the cultures and customs of various ethnicities and to represent their traditions. There are over 600 ethnocultural centers in Kazakhstan and they demonstrate their achievements and share their successes during this holiday. 


- On the Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day, our team will present their songs and dances to the residents of Astana. We really like this holiday because on this day we usually perform on the main stages of Astana. 

Experts say that Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly that was established at the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev has become a real instrument to the state inter-ethnic harmony policy. Today, the Kazakh government has provided the positive environment for all the ethnic groups to preserve their authenticity, cultures and languages. About 200 weekend schools operate in Kazakhstan where any person can learn over twenty languages. Programs in eleven languages are available on Kazakh television and radio. There are also Korean, Uighur and German theaters and linguistic centers successfully operating in the country. Kazakhstan’s strength is based on unity, respect and harmony. Kazakhstan is becoming the world’s center of attraction thanks to the unity of its people.