Kazakh president’s five social initiatives: Gasification

Over the years of Kazakhstan’s independence, gas production has increased from eight to 52 billion cubic meters per year. The increase in volumes favorably affected the economic development of the regions and contributed to the solution of environmental issues. Provision of gas to the population is one of President Nazarbayev’s five initiatives. Its multiplier effect is already observed in the regions, such as Aktobe.


 - Gas equipment saves money, because electrical equipment is not profitable for me, an entrepreneur, since electricity is much expensive than gas. If gas is provided to a village, there are opportunities to promote business, start a small poultry farm or raise geese.

The total length of gas pipelines in the region is over six thousand kilometers and it’s increasing every year. The government plans to implement 31 projects on gas supply to villages, with a total cost of 14.5 billion tenge in the upcoming years.


 - From 375 localities of Aktobe region, gas is provided to 115 localities with the total population of 753 thousand people. This year, the government plans to implement nineteen projects worth 6.7 billion tenge.

The Bozoi underground gas storage facility is an advantage for the region. It is located in Shalkar district of Aktobe region. Its capacity is three billion cubic meters. At the end of last year, the Gas Drying Unit was put into operation here. It allows drying and processing gas accumulated in 6 months. The quality of the fuel taken from the storage facility fully complies with international requirements. The amount of gas in the storage facility allows to consistently provide gas to consumers in the region and other southern regions of Kazakhstan, as well as to export it to Russia, Uzbekistan and China.