Forum of university rectors of Kazakhstan and Poland

Kazakhstan and Poland intend to expand cooperation in science and education. This was discussed at the forum of the university rectors in Warsaw. Executive secretary of the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science Aryn Orsariyev led the Kazakh delegation of nearly twenty heads of universities. The forum gathered approximately 200 delegates, including rectors, deans, professors and international experts. They discussed a wide range of topics, particularly, engineering education programs. In the era of a technological revolution, highly skilled specialists in robotics, nano and information technologies are important, the meeting participants agreed. The parties agreed on joint research and exchange programs in education, improving the academic mobility of students and professors.


 - Mutual agreements are signed between the universities of Kazakhstan and Poland. Each university has its own areas of development and has a number of new educational programs that are focused on peculiarities of Poland and Kazakhstan. We are trying to study useful and advanced methods from different countries. These methods can be used in Kazakhstan to improve the quality of higher education.


 - Kazakhstan is a very dynamic country that is developing rapidly. It has highly skilled professionals and new ideas. We want to unite the ideas of Kazakhstan and Poland as part of this research program, which has been established in both countries. We are very interested in joint development of IT, computer science and mathematics. Both the Kazakh and Polish universities have great successes in these areas. We are interested in strengthening this cooperation.