Intensive gardening areas are expanding in South Kazakhstan region

Intensive gardening areas are expanding in South Kazakhstan region. 29 thousand hectares were allocated in the region for fruit trees, berries and grapes. Most farmers grow fruit varieties. They believe that there is always a great demand for fruits. Apple tree gardens are expanding from year to year. Local gardeners have planted apple trees of the Italian Gala Golden Delicious variety. 


 - These trees yield five tonnes per hectare in the first year, the harvest is doubled in the second year and they yield the maximum capacity in the third year. These are three year-old trees and we are planning to collect forty tonnes of fruits from each of the forty hectares.

Intensive gardens here were expanded by ten more hectares. Plus, the farmers currently grow their own high quality rootstocks. Previously, planting material was brought from Italy. This year, the gardeners have prepared 100 thousand domestic rootstocks.

The farmers planted heavy-yielding dwarf apple trees on sixteen hectares of land. They use a drip irrigation method here. Fertilizers are added into water. The gardeners also set espaliers and special protective mesh in accordance with the intensive gardening method. These gardens yield early. Sweet cherries take the area of five hectares. These rootstocks will yield the first fruits in three years and farmers will harvest up to 300 kilograms from each tree in five years.


 - We are planning to export berries to the neighboring Russia. I even heard that our products are exported to South Korea. We will build a better export capacity.

Local farmers are planning to expand the intensive gardening area in the region to 3,800 hectares. The government provides subsidized loans for gardening. Farmers can receive 375,000 tenge per hectare for conventional gardening and one million 200 thousand tenge for intensive gardening.