Exhibition about Kazakhstan in Japan

A piece of Kazakhstan is in the heart of Japan. Visitors can experience the spirit of the nomadic people of the Great Steppe and learn about the original Kazakh culture in the Tokyo Central Library. An exhibition dedicated to Kazakhstan was held in the Land of the Rising Sun. National clothes, musical instruments and Kazakh literatures, as well as books on Nursultan Nazarbayev are presented here. There are more than 200 editions.  All the items were donated to the central library of Tokyo by the national library of Kazakhstan last year. The visitors liked the Kazakh national cuisine – beshbarmak and baursaki, that were cooked in front of them.

The film “Zhauzhrek My Ball” was screened and a concert of traditional Kazakh music was also performed. The exhibition will last until the middle of June.


-  We are grateful to the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan for providing us with valuable books and materials. We also express our gratitude to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Japan for assistance in organizing this exhibition. I hope that this event will further strengthen the friendly relations between our countries.


 - I really liked the photo exhibition. In Kazakhstan, there are beautiful nature, mountains, steppes, and lakes. The capital Astana was also very impressive. The modern buildings create the atmosphere of the city of the future. It seemed to me that national traditions and culture are deeply intertwined in Kazakhstan with modern ideas. I would very much like to visit Kazakhstan. I hope that a direct flight will be opened between our countries in the near future.