Kazakh TV informs viewers around the world about Central Asia

Kazakh TV is Kazakhstan’s first national satellite television channel that informs viewers around the world about Central Asia. International audience learns about Kazakhstan’s culture, history as well as touristic and investment attractiveness through this unique media resource. For the Kazakhs living abroad, the channel serves as a connecting bridge with the land of their ancestors. Kazakh TV have a special place in the history of Kazakhstan television. The channel is a pioneer of the international satellite broadcasting in Kazakhstan. It started broadcasting on October 25th, 2002 under its former name, Caspionet. The multipurpose channel broadcasts contents in three languages – Kazakh, Russian and English and it instantly became popular among viewers.


 - For the first time Kazakhstan’s channel was transmitted by the Hot Bird international satellite. For the first time, a new concept of a new channel informing about Kazakhstan and neighboring countries emerged in Kazakhstan. It was called Caspionet, because the information, which is non-political were focused around the Caspian Sea and beyond. Neither of our neighboring countries had a satellite TV channel. Plus, it was the first opportunity to broadcast in English. It was a great breakthrough.

The channel’s broadcasting geography substantially expanded in sixteen years of operation. Today, large satellites make Kazakh TV available for the viewers in 118 countries and four continents. The channel’s potential audience is 5.1 billion people. The channel covers Kazakhstan’s major social and political events and its television projects cover areas such as economy, culture, tourism and history. 100% of the TV channel’s content is domestic production. Kazakh TV’s staff is made up of a professional team of presenters, journalists and editors, including foreign professionals and native speakers. They make the channel more relatable for the viewers in many countries. 


 - The channel is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s a kind of way to share Kazakhstan with the rest of the world. For me that’s really progressive because not every country tries to make that platform The fact that I get to be the kind of a diplomat and a spokesperson for the country is an honor for me.

Kazakh TV once again proved to be a pioneer TV channel a year ago. For the first time in Central Asia, the channel switched to a multi-channel broadcasting with audio tracks in Kazakh, Russian and English. The full-fledged English audio track allowed the channel to expand it’s the geography of viewers.    


 - We are going to launch the audio track in Kyrgyz on May 1 and we plan to launch the audio track in Uzbek in autumn. It means that Kazakh TV will be available in over 100 countries in five audio tracks by the end of the year. The channel expands its geographical coverage each year. We cooperate a lot with our numerous partners in many countries. Development of the Central Asian region is one of the priorities for this year. We are getting ready to provide content not only about Kazakhstan, but about the Central Asian region as well.   

Over the years of its operation, Kazakh TV channel implemented a lot of creative projects, many of which were recognized by top awards at international contests. Kazakh TV was established as an image project, but today it has become a media brand representing Kazakhstan abroad.