Navoiy hosted an education fair of the Kazakh Universities

Uzbekistan’s ancient city of Navoiy hosted an education fair of the Kazakh Universities. Locals of this border region are highly interested in studying in Kazakhstan. The region’s population is estimated at more than 900,000; nearly 100,000 of them are ethnic Kazakhs. There are approximately 100 educational institutions in the city. More than 30 of them are Kazakh schools. This year, Bagzhan Oralbayeva is going to graduate from the Tamdyn College of agricultural economics. A college student plans to study in Kazakhstan. At the exhibition, she got all the necessary information for admission.


- I am planning to apply for the English faculty at the Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute. I want to get high-quality training in English language and linguistics in Kazakhstan in order to continue my professional career.

At the exhibition, representatives of more than 30 universities of Kazakhstan presented educational opportunities and current international programs. They also explained the system of discounts for international students. The prospective students got information about a bachelor’s degree as well as master’s and doctoral degrees.


- I am glad to know that there is a system of discounts for international students. It means that a student can get a scholarship and live in a campus. It is even possible to get a grant to study at the university. I’m very pleased to have such opportunities.

As part of the exhibition, representatives of four universities of the two countries signed memorandums on cooperation. The representatives of the Center for International Programs of Kazakhstan have already organized education fairs in China and a number of other countries. Today, 14,000 international students are studying in Kazakhstan.