Kazakh climber to ascend Everest to mark Astana’s 20th anniversary

Famous Kazakh mountain climber Maksut Zhumayev plans to ascend Mount Everest and plant Astana’s flag on its summit to mark Astana’s 20th anniversary. This will not be the legendary athlete’s first ascent to the highest summit of the world. His first ascent to Earth's highest mountain happened in 2007. Then, Maksut climbed the northern side of Mount Everest, this time the athlete decided to ascend Mount Everest from the south. This will be an international expedition that will last till the end of May. The team will include experienced mountain climbers from Russia and Switzerland. The Kazakh climber will lead the expedition.


- This year, I have a new role in the expeditions. I took part in sports expeditions before, and now as an expedition leader, I need to organize the whole expedition it at the highest level and most importantly, in the safest way possible. We will climb along the first ascensionists’ route from the south. It will be an international expedition with the use of oxygen.  

Maksut Zhumayev is the only Kazakh climber and one of the twenty athletes in the world who managed to climb fourteen highest mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 meters high above the sea level.