American businessman to organize trip to Kazakhstan

A visitor from New York fell in love with Kazakhstan. Successful American businessman and philanthropist David Valera says that he is Kazakh and he is willing to relocate from New York to Astana. He is now planning a summer trip which he calls ‘Opening Kazakhstan as a Cultural and Tourist Destination.’ 40 tourists from the United States will get acquainted Kazakhstan’s landscape, culture and traditions.


- I have 40 tourists starting in July. The first group of tourists will be attending. Well, it all started with my friends, who have been hearing me about Kazakhstan for years and how much I love it but also realized that many don’t know enough about Kazakhstan so they are afraid. I thought that the best way to calm these fears is to involve myself in the actual tours.

David Valera works on Wall Street. He has a number of business partners around the world and an office in the famous Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. The traveler says that he visits Kazakhstan at every opportunity to enjoy the local hospitality.


- Having traveled to over 60 countries now in my lifetime, people of Kazakhstan have always been warm, very friendly and very welcoming. My goal is to change that perception of Kazakhstan via the American mentality. 

The businessman signed a contract with the American Global Leadership company which works with schoolchildren aged 13-17. Every year, the organization opens new horizons for children by taking them on vacations to different countries. Now Kazakhstan might appear on the list of destinations.


- I’m creating a volunteer program, so the American students go to Kazakhstan, they can actually do a volunteer work and give back to the community in Kazakhstan. Be it by teaching English, be it by educating themselves on the Kazakh culture and nature, so the actual visitors coming with the anticipation that when they land they are going to do a volunteer work and help improve living conditions of the people of Kazakhstan, so it is gonna be in tourism, but strictly 100% dedicated only to Kazakhstan.