The latest developments in the field of electricity are introduced in Eastern Kazakhstan

Modernization in manufacturing and innovative technologies drives the economic development. Developments in the electric power industry are underway at the Oskemen Condenser Plant in eastern Kazakhstan. Today, the competitive equipment such as transformers and compensators are manufactured at the plant. In addition, the modern equipment from Japan, India and America will allow increasing the production volumes.


- Previously, condensers were manufactured by a semi-automatic machine. Today, all operations are performed by the Optima-500 machine. The process is fully automated.

One billion tenge of state investments were invested into modernization of the plant. Every year, more than 1,000 products are manufactured worth three billion tenge. According to experts, modern equipment allows increasing the production capacity to exceed these figures.


- The new equipment is unique because they wind up sections, test, pass through the stages and are ready for assembling a transformer. This is way easier from what we had.

Today, the equipment of the transformer plant is exported to the largest metallurgical companies of Russia. In addition, there is a growing demand for the equipment in the Commonwealth of Independent States.