Turkey hosted a conference about political and economic reforms in Kazakhstan

Astana is a center of international diplomacy. Turkey hosted a conference where experts discussed political and economic reforms in the country. According to the experts, Kazakhstan is a reliable partner with international authority in international politics.


- Kazakhstan presided in the UN Security Council for the first time. Earlier, the country chaired the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Astana hosted a great summit successfully. These events are evidence of recognition of the republic's growing role in international politics. I associate these achievements with the pragmatic policy of President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. He is a reformer who is open to dialogue and seeks to reconcile the conflicting parties.

At the conference, the well-known Turkish experts spoke about Kazakhstan's contribution to a settlement of the Syrian crisis. Professor of Istanbul University Ferman Demirkol noted that Astana was and remains a successful platform for peace talks. He also highlighted that meetings in Kazakhstan’s capital are as effective as the processes in Geneva.


- Switzerland took responsibility for reconciling the countries in conflict. The peaceful Astana process on the settlement of the Syrian conflict showed that Kazakhstan is the center of international diplomacy. In my opinion, Kazakhstan's foreign policy offers an opportunity to successfully conduct all the declared peacekeeping missions.

The experts said that Kazakhstan is the home of the interethnic agreement and unity, while Astana is the center of the world and significant processes.