Bachelor degrees can now be earned in colleges

Bachelor degrees can now be earned in colleges. It is a timely change in Kazakhstan’s educational system and a reaction to challenges of the new technical revolution. According to the International Standard Classification of Education, Bachelors of Applied Sciences degree is higher than the college graduates’ degree but lower than University graduates’ degrees.


 - We began developing this program in 2016. We involved representatives of universities, colleges and potential employers in preparation of the methodology. At their enterprises, Bachelors of Applied Sciences undergo training and internship and they have more chances to be employed at these enterprises.

The so-called bachelors of applied sciences are assistant engineers. They have both the theoretical knowledge and experience in real work environments. The Astana College of Transport and Communications was the first to introduce the know-how. The educational institution and “Kasipkor” holding made an agreement. The college students have started training in computer sciences and software development. Starting from the new academic year, students will be trained on three levels.


 - The training lasts longer than in average colleges and those who completed eleven grades can be admitted. There are several educational levels. First is a workers’ qualification, then mid-level professionals – technicians that we train and Bachelor of Applied Sciences is a third level. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree, the graduates can work at enterprises. And they can quickly be promoted to the assistant engineer position.

The college management plans to train logistics specialists as well. They are currently developing a curriculum. But experts say that methodology alone is not enough. The necessary legal framework is also required. The college teachers hope that it will be ready by the beginning of the new academic year.