Kazakhstan as leader of Central Asia

Kazakhstan is the leader of Central Asia according to its economic growth indicators and social stability. International experts pay close attention to important events in the country’s life, such as Kazakhstan’s presidency in the UN Security Council, President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s official visit to the U.S.A. and the Central Asian leaders’ summit in Astana.  

During President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s official visit to Washington, D.C., U.S. President Donald Trump called Kazakhstan the undisputed leader of the region. Since gaining independence Kazakhstan has proved to be a reliable partner that can undertake joint efforts to solve global challenges.  

As the regional leader, Kazakhstan works closely with the European Union on developing the new European Union Strategy for Central Asia.  


 - I think we will continue in that direction to have one aspect with just specifics of our partners reflected better in our programs while it not actually living the concept of supporting the regional cooperation in addressing issues like climate change and also developing connectivity but also in private sector developments.

Kazakhstan’s multi-vector foreign policy resonates with Kazakhstan’s main message – supporting peace and stability in the world. Kazakhstan’s presidency in the UN Security Council in January was an excellent opportunity for the country to present its initiatives to the whole world. Kazakhstan demonstrated its peacekeeping potential by providing a platform for the peaceful talks on Syria that gave substantial positive results in the conflict.     


 - Obviously, in terms of global security Kazakhstan has become a very important player. I think, the general audience in the European Union is aware of the efforts Kazakhstan is doing with respect to many conflicts, not only Afghanistan, which is not very far, but also in the Syrian conflict. I’m thinking about the Astana Process, I think also made mediation between, you know, Russia in the case of Ukraine. I think, Kazakhstan is quite important as an international player also with certain initiatives for nuclear non-proliferation for the creation of nuclear weapon-free zones. This is an important contribution to world security.

To gain positive feedback, a country must have sufficient economic potential and maintain stable development in every area. Kazakhstan’s strategic development plan is implemented as part of the key state programs and President’s addresses to the nation. One of the main topics that experts are currently discussing is President Nazarbayev’s five social initiatives aimed at improvement of people’s wellbeing. 


 - Growing social accountability is a sign of a mature country. Social initiatives are designed for the majority of the Kazakh population; they are not related to budget costs. They create a system that will operate well and will increase the quality of life and incomes for a wider section of the population.  

Astana hosted a very important event – the Central Asian summit where five leaders discussed important issues of regional cooperation. Analysts note that the whole world sees Kazakhstan as an example of stability in Central Asia.