Goals of the Astana International Financial Center were presented in the UK

Goals of the Astana International Financial Center were presented at the first Eurasian FinTech Forum in the UK. FinTech is a combination of high technologies and traditional financial services. In order to successfully implement projects in this area, the state needs to create a certain ecosystem which means ubiquitous access to the Internet and development of online trading. Representatives of the AIFC have already launched an accelerated program, as part of which 10 start-up teams will compete for three months and cooperate with the best international experts in the field.


 - Based on the results, these winner start-ups will have the opportunity to enter our partner markets. They can work and gain experience in the UK.

Today, nearly 45 Fintech start-ups are operating in Kazakhstan. They are involved in a variety of areas, like online lending, investment, crowdfunding and block chain. The organizers of the first Eurasian FinTech Forum gave positive assessment to the transformations in Kazakhstan’s financial sector and the AIFC’s work.


 - We’ve been involved with the AIFC right from the start and even from the beginning of an announcement by the President in 2015. We think this is very important. We have been working with governors, CEOs and other regulators and with the management team in all areas of financial and professional services.

The Eurasian FinTech forum gathered representatives of more than 125 major global companies from Russia, Turkey and other Eurasian countries. The organizers hope the event will held annually.