Five initiatives of President Nazarbayev: Expert opinions

According to foreign experts, five social initiatives of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev are effective, strategic and competitive and are aimed at improving the wellbeing of the Kazakh people. Foreign analysts carefully analyzed the main measures highlighted by the Kazakh head of state. President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Suma Chakrabarti highlighted that the initiatives will not only open new opportunities for the citizens of the republic, but will also stimulate the economy.


 - It actually helps the general market. So I think it is very important statement that he has made. Secondly, the statement on education is fundamental. One of the biggest things we observe in Kazakhstan, there is very educated elite.

Traditionally, reforms in Kazakhstan are of great interest to international experts. Innovations are distinct with their scale and efficiency says the researcher at the School of Geography of Oxford University, Dr. Troy Sternberg. He pointed out that the human capital is a basis for modernization and investing in education is the best choice for the future.


 - If we look at South Korea or Japan, the reason they developed is their ability of people, it is not the resources they have. Kazakhstan is rich in resources, but making some encouragement, human ability, engagement and capital research. You are doing some of the in the universities. Because Kazakhs interested in that and it is relevant to Kazakhstan and central Asia.